On Saturday, November 19th, the Central Coast Judo Association convened the fall meeting of the Board of Examiners to test eight people for shodan (first degree black belt) and three people for nidan (second degree black belt). The examinations took place at City College of San Francisco. After reviewing the candidates on paper, we broke into small groups and had a practical examination of their proficiency in throws, pins, chokes, armbars, and combination techniques. All were promoted. Congratulations to the new black belts:

  • Shyo Yamamoto – San Jose Buddhist Judo Club
  • Akiko Balitactac – Palo Alto Judo Club
  • Harry Burleson – Nibukikan Judo
  • Austin Stahl – Nibukikan Judo
  • Rogelio Morales – Nakano Judo Academy
  • Juam Gamboa – City College of San Francisco
  • David Nguyen – City College of San Francisco
  • Ashkan Moghaddan – Berkeley Judo

And congratulations to the new nidans:

  • Marcie Miner – San Jose Buddhist Judo Club
  • Jarrett Miner – San Jose Buddhist Judo Club
  • Lancelot Kao – City College of San Francisco

Part of the requirement for shodan is to demonstrate proficiency in Nage-No-Kata. Most candidates fulfill this requirement by attending clinics put on by Cenco member club Soko Joshi, but Ashkan Moghaddan elected to demonstrate instead, so we had a very nice demonstration of Nage No Kata. Lancelot Kao did an experimental teaching unit to test his teaching ability and gave us all a lesson on ken-ken uchimata.

Thank you to the Board of Examiners and thank you to everyone that came out for this event.

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