Cenco is a USJF affiliate Yudanshakai (Black Belt Association) dedicated to supporting the growth of judo.

National and International governing bodies for Judo:

United States Judo Federation
Founded in 1952, this is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the development of Judo in the US

USA Judo
The national governing body for Judo in the US

IJF: International Judo Federation
The worldwide governing body for the sport of Judo

California Judo Inc.
The state governing body for Judo in California

Board of Managers

President: Max Rayner, Palo Alto Judo Club

Vice President: Rose Knudsen, Cupertino Judo Club

Treasurer: Mitchell Palacio, City College of San Francisco

Secretary: Geert Ureel, Palo Alto Judo Club

Board of Examiners

Chair: Calvert Kitaura, Palo Alto Judo Club

Vice Chair: Jim Pennington, San Jose State University

Secretary: Ramin Khaksar, Palo Alto Judo Club