Two wazari = ippon for San Jose Buddhist tournament

Sensei, Coach, Referee,
We will be using at least 2 new 2018 contest rules for the SJB Sensei Memorial Tournament:
1. Two Wazaari are equivalent to Ippon
2. All leg-grabs are Shidos
First leg grab/block is shido
Second leg grab/block is 2nd shido
Third leg grab/block is 3rd shido and Hansokumake.
We invite you to join us at the referee clinic on Saturday, at 2:00 PM at the Event Center in the aerobics room.  Mr. Robert Fukuda, Ms Barbara Shimizu and Mr. Calvin Terada will be discussing these two rules and other rules that will be put into effect in 2018. You can also join us for the referee meeting on Sunday morning at 8:00 AM in the aerobics/official’s room prior to the tournament.
Please distribute this information to others.
Thank you,
Vaughn Imada

New Rules Seminar with Gary Takemoto

Gary Takemoto returns to the Bay Area for a Coaches Seminar on January 14th at Chuck Jefferson Judo.  This  will be his first stop after he returns from  Baku, Azerbaijan where the coaches and referees for the IJF will be educated on the new rules.

This is  a great opportunity to get all the right information to our community from our country’s best source on judo rules.

This is also a way for anyone to get certified with USA Judo for mat side coaching.

Reserve spots here: